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Energy Coaching

Mentoring with dynamic techniques using the human energy field, chakras, and organ systems brings a deeper element to coaching. Through energy work, the body is brought back to a state of healing and emotional balance.

Hands-on Healing

Experience Reiki and/or Integrative Energetic Medicine. Whether in-person or virtually, energy knows no time, distance, or space. Discover the power of energy medicine with a 1-on-1 session.


Host a group experience or invite Aylen to speak at your next event. Boost employee morale in the workplace, bond with friends, or create a healing space for your community. Request a guided, practitioner-led event today.

Blessing a Space

Physical space can hold history, intention, and absorb from all who come into it. Blessing a home or clearing a business space enables you to reset and amplify what is wanted.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra is Sanskrit for 'wheel'. Chakras are the body's center points connected to life/universal energy. Harmonize your energetic body through focus on the seven chakras


Meet our amazing healer


Aylen Giselle


Aylen, owner of Harmony and Healing, is a registered nurse, Reiki practitioner, and graduate of Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM).  Her science background combined with spiritual discovery has led her to heal others as a spiritual mentor and energy coach.


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