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Energy Healing

Integrative Energetic Medicine is a dynamic technique where the energy of the human energy field, chakras, and organ systems can all come into play. Through energy work, the body is brought back to a state of healing and balance.


The Japanese art of healing touch. A reiki therapist is said to channel universal energy into a patient through light touch to restore well-being.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra is Sanskrit for 'wheel'. Chakras are the body's center points connected to life/universal energy. Harmonize your energetic body through focus on the seven chakras.

House Blessing

Physical space can hold history, intention, and absorb from all who come into it. Blessing a home or clearing a business space enables you to reset and amplify what is wanted.

Healing Circle

Host a group experience. Whether it's to bond with friends, learn self healing techniques, or group healing, you can request a guided, practitioner-led event.

About Us

Meet our amazing healer

  • Aylen Giselle


    Aylen is a registered nurse and a graduate of Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM) under the instruction and guidance of Dr. Fernand Poulin ofWhite Winds Institute


I had such a life changing experience with Aylen! I met with her in the beginning of the year. And I still feel AMAZING. I definitely felt like we have such a powerful and intense connection during our session. Aylen was able to channel into my aura to figure out where and why I was holding on to certain stressors. I promise to this very day… I am able to practice what I learned with Aylen and release the energy of others so that I can continue to be great in my everyday life.


My session with Aylen created an atmosphere of safety that allowed me to be vulnerable. Her ability to interpret my energy was uncanny and relevant to my current life experience. She took time to reassure me through heavier moments and had incredible clarity over needs that my emotions and spirit had. I loved my experience with her and saw significant improvement in my own self awareness!


Aylen is inherently intuitive and expertly skilled. She soothed my nerves and guided me toward releasing pain and rediscovering my best self—I hadn’t felt that great in many years. Aylen is a teacher and empowers you to obtain peace and happiness. She has a genuine talent and I feel so privileged to have worked with her.


Aylen is an absolute gem! Upon initially meeting her, I instantly felt deeply safe. In each of my sessions with her, I knew that I could express my truth in the moment and be supported. The energy work she does is shockingly accurate. She picks up on things that have been happening in my body and I had shrugged off as just another body ache but in fact they were messages. I always leave my sessions with her better than I arrived and with something to work on moving forward. Aylen is an incredible being and an incredible healer! ❤️


Aylen creates a wonderful, calm atmosphere that encourages self-reflection and softly guides you to inner peace and harmony. She uses several different techniques to help you work through some of life’s most complex stressors. She does a great job of creating a mental guide of how to connect with yourself and how to take control when you feel like life is slowly swallowing you whole. I highly recommend a session with Aylen. It’s time to put yourself first.


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